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Meeting of Australian Commerce Minister Farrell and his Chinese counterpart WangAt the first meeting of the two countries’ trade ministers since 2019, Wang invited Farrell to China.CANBERRA (AA) – Australian Commerce Minister Don Farrell Meets Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wintao This is the first time since 2019 that the trade ministers of the two countries have met. Wang looks forward to an open and frank exchange of views: “I am also pleased to invite you to visit China at your convenience. I am sure that your next visit to China will give you a different impression.” Wang said that the priority of the meeting should be building mutual trust. Noting that common ground should be sought during the talks, Wang also acknowledged that some issues could not be resolved. He accepted his Chinese counterpart’s invitation, but no date was set. While stating that trade and investment issues were discussed during the meeting, Farrell said that the smooth trade of Australian exporters was among those issues.– Deteriorating relations between Australia and ChinaIn 2020, political and commercial problems arose between China and Australia. Relations between Australia and China began to deteriorate after the Canberra administration demanded an independent investigation into the origin of the COVID-19 outbreak, which was first detected in China. called for an international investigation, China has imposed export restrictions on the country. With the passage of a law to prevent foreign influence in domestic politics, Australia has taken action against some Chinese investments and banned Chinese telecommunications company Huawei from building 5G network infrastructure. On the other hand, the Beijing administration has also suspended all normal contact with Australia and stopped imports of beef, wine, lobster, barley and timber from Australia.

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