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As the excitement continues at Qatar’s FIFA World Cup, the ‘Mzayen World Cup’ featuring camels, one of the symbols of the country’s culture, offers participants a new experience.

In an event organized as part of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar to educate visitors about local culture and traditions, camels compete in the Mzayen World Cup to become the most beautiful in their category.

In the organization, held in the Shahaniyeh district, 25 kilometers from the capital Doha, more than 700 camels brought from Arab countries in different categories compete for the first place.

To maintain the excitement of the championship, the flags of the countries participating in the World Cup are displayed in many parts of the site. The top part of the award given to camel owners is in the shape of a soccer ball.

The organization’s mascot is a camel named Hoover, dressed in local Qatari clothing and holding a soccer ball. Huver means “little camel” in Arabic.

Total prize 10 million rials

The total amount of prizes to be distributed at the Mzaen World Cup, which combines the excitement of football with traditional competitions, has been set at 10 million rials (51.2 million lira).

In an organization that started last week and ends tomorrow, camels compete according to their age and type. Camels on the track receive points from the jury members.

The owner of each camel that competes in different categories and wins the beauty pageant receives a prize of 200,000 rials as well as a trophy.

The Qataris attach great importance to the Mzayen FIFA World Cup as it promotes the country’s culture. While the announcements of the camel winner are eagerly awaited, the winners experience great joy.

After the awards ceremony, the winning camels reappear on the track with medals around their necks.

“Desert Dhows”, the official song of the Mzayen World Cup, is highly regarded by the guests who come to the organization.

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