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According to the 2022 Venezuela Violence Report, 9,367 people were killed in the South American country last year. Among the notable figures in the report are the deaths of 1,240 victims on the grounds that they resisted security forces and the unsolved killings of 5,799 people. When added to the account of losses, the figure reaches 10 thousand 737.

Venezuela, which is one of the three most dangerous countries in Latin America along with Honduras and El Salvador, has a homicide rate of 35.3 per 100,000 people, according to the report. If we add losses to the dead, then the ratio will increase to 40.4.

In a country that is one of the countries where the highest number of crimes is committed, a high level of individual weapons, the effectiveness of criminal organizations, income injustice, bribery and corruption, problems in the functioning of the justice system, economic, social and political crisis are among the main factors increasing the number of murders.

“The number of unsolved murders seems to be inconsistent”

According to sociologist Roberto Leon, director of the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence (OVV), which prepared the report, the most important issue in the report is the rise in the number of unsolved murders, which has risen from 4,000 last year to 5,799 this year.

Sociologist Roberto Leon, director of the Venezuelan Observatory on Violence (OVV)

Speaking to VOA, Leon said: “According to the Bogotá Protocol, which was drawn up to serve as a benchmark for the accuracy and reliability of homicide data in Latin America, the ratio of unsolved homicides to all homicides cannot exceed 10 percent. More than 10 per cent of this figure was committed either by assassinations or by security forces. The high level of unsolved cases in Venezuela undermines confidence in state institutions and security forces. “Despite the fact that the relatives of the unsolved are fighting to find out the murders, they cannot get a positive answer,” he said.

As the violence and killings increase, the country’s atmosphere of freedom and peace is declining, Leon said. Noting that violence not only takes lives, but also restricts individual freedoms, the expert said: “As violence increases, the duration of work and training is reduced. For example, jobs today don’t open very early, or universities no longer offer evening classes. “People do not go out at night as much as possible to avoid violence,” she says.

Claiming that according to a study they did last year, people have even abandoned the habit of painting their homes before Christmas due to hesitations such as being taken hostage, being involved in extortion or murder, the expert noted that violence negatively affects all aspects of life. , from democratic participation to economic development and brain drain.

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