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After the natural disaster that killed more than 45,000 people in Turkey and Syria, aid to the victims of the earthquake, who were also negatively affected by cold winter conditions, continues to increase.

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) has also increased its emergency aid to earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. The World Food Program has announced that it has delivered aid to 500,000 earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. It was noted that hot meals and food packages were distributed to the victims of the earthquake in both countries.

The World Food Program said that with the opening of two additional border crossings from the Turkish border to northwestern Syria, humanitarian access has expanded and increased, with aid being provided from all three open border crossings.

Noting that they are supporting efforts to meet the urgent needs of assistance in the two countries, as well as providing logistical support, WFP said 52 truckloads of aid materials were delivered from the Turkish border gate to the victims of the earthquake in Syria between 13 and 16 February.

The World Food Program noted that after a period of interruption in emergency food assistance to earthquake-hit cities in Syria, regular basic food assistance to 5.5 million Syrians every month has been resumed. In addition, it was stated that $1.4 million in cash and in kind assistance was provided to non-government-controlled regions in northwestern Syria.

The World Food Program said the humanitarian situation in Syria has worsened in 12 years of war, with more than 12 million people across the country living in acute food insecurity. It was noted that the Syrian economy is too fragile to withstand external shocks, and 4.1 million people, 90 percent of the country’s population, were in need of humanitarian assistance even before the earthquake.

Saying that both the 12-year-old war and the recent earthquake have made it difficult to provide the funding needed for the food operation in Syria, the World Food Program said they need more funds. In addition to the $27 million needed for a three-month emergency response to families recently displaced by the earthquake, at least $386 million is needed to continue the regular emergency food aid program in Syria.

World Food Program Regional Director for the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe, Corinne Fleischer, said that food programs have become a lifeline after the earthquake and that they receive more requests for food assistance every day, and said: “We are with them, but The World Food Program cannot do this alone. “We are urgently seeking funding to help us reach those in need.”

WFP Syria Country Director Kenn Crossley said they trust the international community to protect Syrians with donations and said: “Otherwise, the February 6 earthquakes will turn an already dire situation into an unbearable scenario for millions of people. “After years of conflict and economic crisis, no nation can deal with this alone,” he said.

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