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Turks and non-governmental organizations in European countries continue to provide assistance to the regions affected by the earthquake in Kahramanmaras, which is called the “catastrophe of the century.”

Aid collected by Turkish citizens living in Belgium and non-governmental organizations was sent to the victims of the earthquake in Turkey.

Nationally collected aid provided 968 tents, 1,075 generators, 2,498 heaters, 76,734 blankets and 3,936 sleeping bags.

Aid was delivered to Turkey on 87 trucks and 4 cargo planes.


To date, more than 60 tons of relief materials have been collected in Ireland, where relief efforts have begun following the Kahramanmaras earthquake.

According to a statement from the Turkish embassy in Dublin, the collected humanitarian materials will be delivered to Turkey on regular Turkish Airlines (THY) flights on trucks that will depart from the port of Dublin.


In a statement to an AA correspondent, Turkish Ambassador to Riga Shule Oztunc said that the Latvian government decided to provide cash assistance of 70,000 euros on February 7 after the earthquake, and shared information that this assistance was directly transferred to the AFAD account on February 8.

Noting that Latvia has also decided to provide in-kind assistance in the amount of 200,000 euros, Oztunc said that in this regard, more than 11 tons of aid materials, including 5,000 blankets, were sent to Turkey today.

Oztunc stressed that in addition to the monetary donations received for the aid campaign of the embassy, ​​the citizens of Latvia and Turkey and the Azerbaijani community in Riga received intensive in-kind assistance, and this assistance was classified and sent jointly with the embassy. staff, Turkish students, and Latvian citizens said it was ready to be deployed.

Noting that, the largest non-governmental aid organization in Latvia, has also launched an aid campaign throughout Latvia in cooperation with the Turkish Embassy, ​​Oztunç said:

“With the help accumulated in the bank accounts of this organization, the most necessary materials are purchased in the earthquake area. In this regard, the material, consisting of 5 shelter containers, 42 mobile toilets, 4 generators, 405 blankets and 100 sleeping bags, will be sent to Turkey by truck on February 17. Efforts are being made to have another truck of these aids hit the road on February 20th.”

Ambassador Oztunc stated that some Turkish companies in Latvia also received assistance, and in this context, TAV Latvia donated 50 thousand euros.

Noting that on February 10, 55 parcels of ATU and HAVAŞ companies, consisting of blankets, sleeping bags and winter clothes, were sent to Turkey, Oztunch said: “In addition, our travel company Coral Travel delivered in-kind assistance consisting of blankets,” .lv”. “As materials are collected here, they are delivered to our country by road or air. Media Port, which is also a Turkish company and operates billboards at Riga Airport, provides the opportunity to donate directly to AFAD using a QR code with billboards.” he said.

Öztunc said that on February 13, Vadim Lasenko, president of the Latvian Football Federation, came to the embassy and added that they shared information that they had directly sent 10,000 euros in cash assistance to the Turkish Football Federation.

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