As Russia continues its attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, the news is Passenger Putin in Belarus. News headlines and events Last Minute Russia


As Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure continue, Russian President Vladimir Putin is traveling to Belarus today.

In what the Kremlin calls a “working visit,” Putin will meet Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

Putin’s visit to Belarus, which is using its territory for Russia to attack Ukraine, raises concerns on the grounds that it could escalate attacks.

After yesterday’s meeting with his country’s top military command, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky issued a statement saying: “Our unchanging priority is to protect our border with both Russia and Belarus. We are preparing for all possible defense scenarios.”

President of Belarus Lukashenko has repeatedly stated that his country does not intend to send its troops to Ukraine. But Ukrainian officials have been warning for months that Belarus could be used as a base for a ground attack on Kyiv.

According to information that the Russian news agency Interfax compares with the Russian Defense Ministry, the Russian troops, who went to Belarus in October, will conduct tactical exercises in battalions.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian authorities have reported that Russian air strikes on Kyiv and its environs are continuing today.

“As a result of the shelling of the capital, critical infrastructure facilities have been damaged,” Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said in a statement on the messaging app Telegram.

Zelenskiy also gave information about the latest state of war in his speech yesterday. Declaring that Russia is trying to advance in the Donetsk region in the east of the country, Zelensky noted that resistance in the city of Bakmouth continues.

The President of Ukraine said: “The war in Buckmouth is very critical. We control the city, although the occupiers are doing everything so that not a single wall remains untouched.”

The ten-month war in Ukraine has already claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people, millions of people have left their homes and devastated cities.

Kissinger’s call for negotiations

On the other hand, Henry Kissinger, 99, who as US Secretary of State in the 1970s was the architect of the Cold War détente policy against the Soviet Union and China, said it was time for a negotiated peace in Ukraine.

“The time is approaching to consolidate the strategic changes already made and to integrate them into a new framework for negotiating peace,” Kissinger wrote for The Spectator.

The statement came from Ukraine regarding Kissinger’s proposal. “All who support simple solutions should remember that any deal with the devil will be a bad peace at the expense of Ukrainian land, a victory for Putin, and a recipe for success for autocrats around the world,” Vice President Mykailo Podoliak said in a statement. in Telegram.

Joint Russian-Chinese exercises

On the other hand, in a statement made today by Moscow, it was announced that Russian and Chinese forces will conduct joint naval exercises in the East China Sea from December 21 to 27, including rocket and artillery firing.

Although the exercises have been held annually since 2012, Moscow has been trying in recent months to strengthen its political, security and economic ties with Beijing and sees Chinese President Xi Jinping as a key ally in the anti-Western alliance.

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