Artificial intelligence has been developed to recognize pneumonia – MIR

Researcher Jin Yong Jeong at Hanyang University in South Korea and his team used the voices of people diagnosed with pneumonia to train artificial intelligence.In the experiment, attention was paid to the fact that each room and recording device was different. Thus, artificial intelligence will not be affected by technical changes in room acoustics and recording devices. When the information obtained from this was combined with cough sounds, it was seen that artificial intelligence could recognize pneumonia in any environment. The team presented the results of the study at the 183rd meeting of the American Acoustic Society on Dec. 5.Early diagnosis is important in pneumoniaPneumonia is one of the most common causes of death in the world. The disease, also known as pneumonia, affects children, the elderly, and those treated in the hospital. Early diagnosis and treatment is very important for these immunocompromised people to get rid of pneumonia.But modern diagnostic methods include a series of blood tests and x-rays. Before doing this, the doctor must examine the patient face to face and suspect pneumonia.An important development for distance exams.That’s why Chong and his team believe that the artificial intelligence they’ve created will be of great importance in diagnosis and treatment when it becomes commercially available. However, the effect of this technology could be very important not only for early diagnosis, but also for remote examinations. Automatic diagnosis of the disease will also facilitate treatment that cannot be done in person,” he said. According to the team, the company currently wants to implement this algorithm to monitor patients remotely. be functional for monitoring patients cared for at home and aims to make it easier to use. Jeong: “Our research team plans to automate every process that is currently done manually, step by step,” he said.

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