Arabica occupies 70 percent of the world coffee market – WORLD

Arabica coffee accounts for 70 percent of the world coffee market.Using beans derived from the fruit of the Arabica plant and flavoring their drinks with these beans, Arabica Coffee House connects 3rd wave coffee lovers with alternative flavors and a comfortable work environment.After the 1st wave movement based on granulated coffee, the 2nd wave movement, in which only coffee machines were on the agenda, regardless of the quality of the beans and the details of the brewing, the whole world has recently been falling into the 3rd wave coffee maker trend. thanks to his coffee lovers and knowledge, he gradually strengthens his position in Turkey Arabica Coffee House, which has grown from a boutique approach to service and strives to protect it; It leads the sector by importing and roasting quality Arabica coffee beans and delivering them to its customers in the freshest possible form.Sertak YalchinThe Arabica plant, named after the Arabian Peninsula where it was first discovered, comes from the original coffee plant found in Yemen and is currently grown in regions between 15°S and 15°N of the equator. CEO of Arabica Coffee House, 100% local and national brand in Turkey, Av. Sertak Yalchin for this magical core; “Coffee beans are obtained from ”Arabica” This is a very sensitive and special plant that usually grows at high altitudes, has different taste, aroma, acidity, body and caffeine ratio depending on the characteristics of the soil as well as the minarets it takes from the soil. Arabica, which is the factory that produces the highest quality coffee beans, currently provides about 70 percent of the world’s coffee consumption. We import this bean directly under our brand, roast it ourselves and deliver it to coffee lovers, making it the most delicious with our high-quality coffee tools. brewing,” he said.

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