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UN Secretary-General António Guterres called for $1 billion in humanitarian aid to Turkey in the aftermath of the earthquake. Guterres said in a written statement that one of the most devastating earthquakes of the last century occurred in Turkey and that the UN had issued a billion-dollar humanitarian appeal for the Turkish people.

The report notes that about 5 million 200 thousand people will receive assistance in the form of funding for humanitarian assistance, designed for a three-month period.

The $1 billion in funding will allow aid agencies in Turkey to rapidly scale up vital support for government relief efforts in a number of areas, including food security, defense, education, water and housing.

In his written statement, UN Secretary-General Guterres also said that Turkey hosts the largest number of refugees in the world and has shown great generosity towards its Syrian neighbors over the years, adding: “The time has come for the people of Turkey to support the world. . The needs are great, people are suffering. There is no time to waste. “I call on the international community to step up and fully fund this critical response effort to one of the greatest natural disasters of our time.”

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