An earthquake of magnitude 3.7 scared the news in England. Latest UK headlines and events



A minute before midnight, an earthquake recorded in Wales brought the inhabitants of the region to the streets.

The magnitude of the quake, which is described as one-millionth the magnitude of an earthquake in Turkey, was determined to be 3.7.

Matt O’Shea, who told SKY News about the unfamiliar concussion, said he thought the car had crashed into the wall of his house. He said that he first checked his sleeping children, and then, when he left, he ran into other fussy neighbors.

According to information provided by the British Institute of Geological Research, the earthquake occurred 50 km from the capital Cardiff, 3 km deep into the earth. While stating that small earthquakes are considered common, the institution said that between 1727 and 1984, 70 earthquakes greater than 3.5 were recorded in the region.

Robert Griffiths, one of the residents of the area, called the local BBC radio and shared his experiences, and also said that at that time he was watching TV and he was shaking as if 20 trucks had passed in front of his house.

Residents of towns where mansions are common expressed the general opinion on their social networks that the shaking was effective and frightening.

“This earthquake is a million times smaller than in Turkey”

a geologist from the University of Kiel, d. In his BBC assessment, Ian Stimpson compared the magnitude of the quake to that in Turkey. He said that these earthquakes, which he called one millionth of those in Turkey, occur on average 3 times a year in the region.

No damage or destruction has yet been reported in the area.

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