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Tasnim News Agency- Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullah Yan in his speech to the Cabinet session. “We are constantly sending our messages. And the Americans are communicating through some of the foreign ministers that they are looking forward to returning to KOEP, but when they talk to the media, they say KOEP is not our priority, and they also support chaos in Iran.” He said.
As the Iranian foreign minister said: “The goal of the Americans is clear. They want to break our red lines by pressuring us. But what is important to us is the national interests of our nation. We will not ignore that in any way.” But we will continue our efforts in the negotiations to pass the sanctions.”
Prince Abdullah continued his words. “There is a consensus among all parties to seize this opportunity if commitments are restored and the deal works well,” he added. He said.
Iranian Foreign Minister “We did not negotiate for the sake of negotiations, we negotiated the outcome of negotiations. We advise Robert Malley and the US authorities to refrain from acting hypocritically.” He said.
The Iranian foreign minister also made the following statement: “Necessary messages have been sent to the European parties regarding the extraordinary meeting of the Human Rights Council. If the Europeans do not stop following this unconstructive path, they will face a violent reaction.”

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