A suspect in the Lockerbie bombing has been arrested in the United States. Latest UK headlines and events


US and Scottish officials have said Libyan Abu Agela Mesud Khair, suspected of making the bomb that bombed a passenger plane that crashed in the Scottish city of Lockerbie in 1988, is in US custody. .

A Boeing 747 passenger plane flew from London to New York. On 21 December 1988, the aircraft crashed in an explosion over Lockerbie, killing 259 people on board and 11 people in the area.

The incident was recorded as the deadliest terrorist attack on British soil.

The US Department of Justice said the suspect will stand trial in the capital, Washington. No explanation was given as to how Mesud was detained in the United States.

In December 2020, the Justice Department brought new charges against Massoud, alleging that he played a major role in the bombing.

Last month, reports surfaced that Massoud had been taken hostage by a militia group in Libya and would be handed over to US authorities to stand trial.

In 2001, only Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was found guilty in connection with the incident.

Megrahi was sentenced to life in prison, but Scotland released him after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Megrahi died in Libya in 2012.

Megrahi has always declared his innocence.

Although Massoud is the third Libyan intelligence officer charged by the United States in Lockerbie, he will be the first person to stand trial in the United States over the bombing.

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