A polluted lake overgrown with algae has turned into a bird’s paradise


A polluted lake overgrown with algae has turned into a bird sanctuary

The eighth largest freshwater lake in China in the Yellow River basin has regained its former transparencyKnown as China’s eighth and largest freshwater lake in the Yellow River basin, Wulangsuhai Lake is one of the largest wetlands in the world at the same latitude. But in the last few years, algae have gradually appeared to cover the entire surface of the lake. In addition, a very strong smell emanated from the lake, there were fewer fish and birds in the lake. Chinese President Xi Jinping closely monitored the environmental situation in Wuliangsuhai Lake and ordered to clean it up. Xi Jinping, who attended the group meeting of the Inner Mongolia delegation during the two meetings, put forward three clear demands for the environmental management of Lake Wuliangsukhai.

Wuliangsuhai “The project to protect mountains, rivers, forests, farmland, lakes and sand fields along the dead basin has been consolidated, and the water quality of the lake has been upgraded to grade four. Today, the ecological environment of Lake Ulyansukhay has improved markedly. It is on the migration path of over 6 million birds each year in the lake.

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