A busy night in Paris – WORLD

The police intervened in the celebrations in Paris of the Moroccans, who beat the Portuguese in the semi-finals, eliminating the Portuguese.The excitement around the 2022 FIFA World Cup continues.Having achieved great success in its history, Morocco beat one of the biggest favorites Portugal 1-0 to write its name into the semi-finals. After the great victory, Morocco and the European cities where the majority of Moroccans live were practically destroyed.

Moroccans took to the streets of France

Especially in France, where there is a large crowd of Moroccan immigrants, the ground was shaking. At the same time, the celebrations of the Moroccans, who experienced great joy in the French capital, where they were rivals in the semi-finals, are also a place of outrages.

They ran into the police

The address of the celebration for the Moroccans was the Champs Elysees, the famous street of Paris. As the celebrations continued, there were tensions between some Moroccan fans and the police. The police responded to the fans with tear gas. .Paris

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