74th anniversary of NATO – MIR

74th Anniversary of NATOThe 74th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which includes Turkey and 30 countries, is being celebrated.Headquartered in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, NATO seeks to ensure the military, political independence and security of its allies through an alliance created on April 4, 1949 after the devastation caused by World War II.While the United States ranks first among NATO member countries in terms of military power and size, Turkey ranks 4th in military power and 2nd in numbers, Iceland is not included in the ranking because it does not have an army, it plays a deterrent role against its competitors with bases located in The ceremony took place at the Melsbroek military airport in Brussels as part of an agreement with Boeing International to develop a fleet of early warning and surveillance aircraft (AWACS). At the ceremony, the NATO AWACS aircraft was presented to the press. (Archive-27.11.2019)

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