60 percent of Americans are unhappy with Biden’s performance as president


60 percent of Americans are unhappy with Biden’s performance as presidentNEW YORK (AA) – 60% of Americans do not support a Joe Biden presidency, according to a poll conducted Jan. 13-15 in partnership with Reuters/Ipsos.Despite declining inflation rates in the country and a split among Republicans that arose during the election process for the House of Representatives, public support for Biden, who had “secret documents” in his office and at home, was about 40 percent. was the highest level of approval achieved by Biden in October 2021. He drew attention to the fact that 44.1 percent, which was 44.1 percent, were 4 points lower. Public support for Biden, who has been battling the Covid-19 epidemic and high inflation rates since taking office, dropped to 36 percent in May and June 2022. President Biden announced that he “intends to be a candidate” in the 2024 presidential election. However, he has not yet made an official statement on this matter. According to the American press, there is a high probability that the 80-year-old Biden will officially announce his candidacy after the speech in the League of Nations, which is expected on February 7. On the other hand, only 20 percent of those polled are the new speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican Kevin Kevin. Supports McCarthy. Only 35 percent of respondents positively assessed the work of the House of Representatives and 38 percent – the work of the Senate.

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