6 signs that the job is fake


There seems to be no area where technological developments are not making an impact today. As a result, business life is also seriously affected by technology. Today there have been significant changes even in the definition of work, thanks to technological possibilities and developments! Of course, thanks to technology, today’s methods of “finding a job” have also changed. It is no longer necessary to place job advertisements in newspapers, as it used to be! Thanks to the Internet, many employers can reach thousands of job seekers in a short time. Of course, the same goes for people who want to work. This change in job search methods seems very convenient for both employers and job seekers. But there is one thing that comes along with this ease and requires special attention: scammers! The Internet does not go through fake advertising and those who want to deceive people in this way! However, some small details will help you understand that you are not an employer, but a scammer! Here are 6 vital signs that the job is not real…

1. Promising too much

Miracles don’t come easy. Especially in working life! If a job posting promises an unusual salary and exceptional working conditions for a particular position, chances are it’s not true! If you do decide to apply for this position, your “employer” will most likely charge you an “entry fee”! Because application fees are a favorite place for scammers!

2. Job description unclear


Real employers inform candidates in sufficient detail to find the most accurate candidate. If you come across an ad with an unclear job description, think twice before applying! Because even if the people around you are not scammers, you may have to do very different things than you are told!

3. They want to meet face to face, not on the phone!


Face-to-face meetings are certainly an important part of the onboarding and recruitment processes. However, if the employer you’re calling to find out what kind of job it is and wants to speak to you directly, there’s a problem!

4. Fuzzy criteria

Just like a job description is vague, vague criteria are also a good reason not to apply for any job! Because it is not at all comforting for an employer to hide what kind of employee he is looking for!

5. Complex tasks given before work


Before you start a job, it’s only natural that employers ask you for a few things to evaluate your skills. This is because many employers want to have an early idea of ​​candidates’ skills. But if these unpaid assignments are grueling and take days to complete, you can be sure you’re not dealing with a good employer!

6. Request all your documents before starting work

It is very dangerous to divulge all your documents, especially those related to your personal information, in the early stages of a conversation. Moreover, a real company and a professional employer would not require this. And scammers posing as employers can! If you fall into this trap, your interview will be very positive! The employer will also say that they will call you in a few days. Of course they won’t! Because they got what they wanted: your personal information!

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