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While the loss of life due to the earthquake increases, aid continues to flow to Turkey, which is racing against time to save the lives of people from all over the world and Europe. The European Union Commission announced that it has sent 31 search and rescue teams and 6.5 million euros of humanitarian aid from 23 European countries to Turkey.

According to the statements of the presidency, more than 70 countries of the world have sent 3,294 medical volunteers and dozens of search dogs to Turkey. While every country from the US to Japan responded to Ankara’s call for help, the European Union was the first organization to offer assistance to countries hit by earthquakes.

21 European Union countries have sent ambulances and rescuers to Turkey to rescue thousands of earthquake victims under the rubble.

The European Commission activated the European Civil Protection Mechanism immediately after the earthquake. Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarčić said that under this mechanism, a total of 28 search and rescue teams from 21 EU member states went to Turkey, with 11 of them arriving in Turkey and participating in the rescue work.

European Commission President: “Turkey and Syria can trust the EU”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen tweeted: “Together we are now running against time to save lives. Together we will provide help soon. Turkey and Syria can count on the European Union. Conference in Brussels in early March. “Let’s mobilize funds around the world for affected communities.”

EU commissioner travels to Turkey

Lenarchic announced that they will provide €6.5 million worth of emergency support and emergency humanitarian assistance to Turkey and Syria through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. The EU Commissioner said that with the help of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, he had carried out one of the largest search and rescue operations ever undertaken.

Crisis Management Commissioner Janez Lenarcic also announced that she would visit earthquake-hit areas in Turkey and observe the rescue work on site. The EU Commissioner added that they will provide the first 3 million euros of emergency assistance to boost EU rescue efforts in Turkey.

According to information published by Lenarchic, 21 EU member states, as well as Albania, Montenegro and Serbia, are sending 31 search and rescue teams to the earthquake area through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. In addition to rescue teams, European countries sent 5 medical teams to Turkey. The teams include more than 1,500 rescuers and 100 search and rescue dogs.

Aid to Syria

Commissioner Lenarcic also announced that they will send search and rescue teams, shelter and medical assistance to Syria through the Civil Protection Mechanism at the request of earthquake-hit Syria for assistance. He also noted that they will send emergency humanitarian assistance worth 3.5 million euros to Syria to meet urgent needs. He stressed that they are trying to transfer assistance to Syria through the channels of communication with the UN and NGOs.

According to Lenarhika’s statement, earthquakes in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Estonia, Spain, Malta, Slovakia, Portugal, Montenegro, Albania, Cyprus and Slovenia Then he sent aid to Turkey.

On the first day of the earthquake, 19 Member States, including Poland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Greece, mobilized 1,185 rescue teams and 79 search dogs for Turkey. Applications for first aid came from Italy, Hungary and Poland. Warsaw became the first country to announce the dispatch of a rescue group of 76 people to Turkey. Budapest and Rome also announced that rescue teams were ready for the morning of the quake. Spain sent 91 rescuers to Adana in the south of the country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it has also sent a ship with 500 naval forces for logistical support and rescue work.

France sent 139 rescuers specifically to Adana and Kahramanmaras, the epicenter of the first earthquake. In addition, 36 volunteers from the association Pompiers de l’Urgence Internationale, headquartered in France, took to the field yesterday with 3 search dogs. France has announced that a new rescue team of 83 is preparing to travel to Turkey to set up a field hospital that will operate mobile for 15 days.

Germany announced that a search and rescue team of 50 rescuers and equipment flew to Adana yesterday afternoon. German volunteers also landed in Gaziantep yesterday. On Monday evening, Italy sent a team of logistics teams, rescuers and medical personnel to Turkey. Ireland has announced that it will send 2 million euros for humanitarian aid. Sweden, which has had a hard time applying for NATO membership with Turkey, has announced that it has donated $650,000 to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies for Ankara and Damascus.

One team organized in France that has sent many teams to Turkey is the French Pompiers de l’Urgence Internationale (PUI). The 33-man rescue team that departed from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport includes specially trained doctors, ambulance workers and a technical team. Speaking to VOA in Turkish before flying to Ankara at Charles de Gaulle Airport, PUI President Philippe Besson stated that they were also involved in rescue efforts during the 1999 Izmit and Düzce earthquakes. Stating that they continued to work with the Turkish AKUT and AFAD rescue teams after the Düzce earthquake, Besson said: “As soon as we received the news of the earthquake, we immediately contacted him. We went with a team of 33 search and rescue specialists. and 3 dogs. We have a medical team. We have drones that can be used for rescue purposes. “We will go to Ankara. From there we will go to Marash. Our goal is to be as helpful as possible, I hope that we contribute to the rescue of those who are trapped under the rubble. We go with all determination,” he said.

PUI vice-president Aurélien Berger also said that the organization’s headquarters are in Limoges, but they went to Turkey along with volunteer rescuers from all over France. Berger said: “There are ambulance personnel from the Korets region, Toulouse, Limoges and the Vendée. We first contacted AFAD. As soon as the approval came, we quickly hit the road. It was very bad in Kahramanmarash, it was clear that there were many people under the rubble. We learned. We are heading to this area. Hope,
we’ll get help. We go with loaded equipment. “We hope to do our best,” he said.

Dr. Magali Zhanter, who is part of the team, states that they completed the team as specially trained earthquake and disaster rescue doctors. Stating that PUI is the second largest rescue team in France and that it provides first aid services in many parts of the world with UN certification. Janter said: “Because we are not a government agency, we have the opportunity to prepare and take action much faster. Depending on the disaster situation, we determine the point at which we can be most helpful. As a PUI team, we are fully equipped to retrieve victims trapped under the rubble, our experience is strong. This requires extremely special work. We are field-trained doctors, and our equipment and clothing are adapted to this. We are a little sad that we went on the Third day, but even after a week a life can be saved. We are determined, we remain as long as we are asked for help and there is a chance to live for those who are under the rubble to the end. We want to give,” he said.

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